A Prayer answering God!

I want to thanks God for his goodness in my life and my family. I asked for His help during a difficult test. I did not prepare enough due to time but God saw me through. I want to give Him all the praise. Amen.


Divine Acceleration

I want to appreciate God for favour and divine acceleration. Thanking God for the salvation of my soul and to the glory of God. After the message about favour on Thursday, I have been divinely favoured at work and in various issues of my life that I have been disappointed. Even in my daily activities, I have been favoured and moving with a speed that I can’t explain. I have certain things written down as prayer points from the beginning of the programme and god has been ticking them done for me. Hallelujah.


Thanking God for His mighty deliverance

During the session on Friday Night, the man of God prayed for acceleration in every area of our lives including divine acceleration away from every plan of the evil one.
The following day (Saturday morning), I was about ironing and just a few seconds after I plugged in the iron, the iron blew and nearly fell of my hands. I dropped it quickly and it had poured black soothe-like powder on my right hand and on the ironing surface.
I can’t explain the occurrence the iron has worked perfectly so far, but I want to thank God exceedingly for that mighty deliverance.
I don’t know what the devil planned but God delivered me. Glory to God!!!

Mrs O. Z.

Pain in leg healed

I was feeling severe pain on my leg, which was caused through childbirth but to the glory of God after this breakthrough praise I received my healing and I know it is permanent in Jesus name.


Employment Breakthrough

God gave me breakthrough in the area of employment. I was asked to start 3 jobs in one week. Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Glory be to God


Ovarian Cyst Healed

I want to thank God for His mercies upon my life for keeping me throughout my studies in Aberdeen. I was under attack on my arrival into Aberdeen last year January where my menstrual cycle seized for about 9months. The doctors said my ovaries were filled with cysts and there was no cure but they can give me drugs if I am trying to get pregnant. I want to thank God after the Holy Communion last year October, my menstrual cycle came back and it has been steady till now. I also want to thank God for giving me a distinction in my studies. God has been good to me.

Dara A

Family Blessings

I will like to give God the glory for enlarging my family in the month of August. He blessed us with a baby boy and secondly He gave me a fantastic offer and when I handed in my notice my company matched what the new job is offering me when they have not long given me a 10% increase 2months ago. What a blessing from God.

Larry I

Job opportunity

I want to give thanks and praise to God Almighty for the fantastic job opportunity in the UAE, precisely in Abu Dhabi in a very senior business Analyst with one of the foremost companies in the world. I have been given an opportunity to be there in person with all expenses catered for. During the interview I was told I was not qualified based on experience, I was already getting to leave when someone told me to show them what I have done in my project.
To God be the glory I was given another chance and the interview went well and I was offered a wonderful role with a very attractive pay package. I thank God (AMEN)

Mr D.A

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