The greatest battle in the world is the battle of the mind that takes place in our everyday lives. The operation of our minds can be compared to the manufacturing process of a factory (Input, processing and Output).

We are always caught between obeying God, Self or the Devil. This struggle leads to what can be referred to as “internal battles”. This internal battles if not properly managed would eventually play out in the way and manner one behaves

In other to win this battle, we must endeavor to do the following

Live by the spirit and pray by the spirit. Cautiously invite the Holy Spirit to come inside you.
Master your emotions.
Do not listen to everything you hear.
Do not major on minor things.
Test everything that is going on in your mind.
Think things through
Do not condemn yourself and do not condemn other people around you.
Listen to the quite still small voice of God.
Do not major on small things
Let your heart be focus on the things of God.
Do not have an opinion on everything.
Maximize your moment, make the best use of your time and take advantage of every good opportunities.
Live life to the fullest. Do not be stagnant. Take risk and do new things. Keep on growing. Grow physically and spiritually.

The bible says the mercies of the LORD are new every morning. Therefore, Keep asking, seeking, knocking. “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened (Luke11:10).”

Remain blessed and have a great week.